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Feb. 2, 2018
By Nelisile Mzolo

3 Classic Denim Combinations

Denim is one of the most versatile elements of a man’s wardrobe. Denim shirts have earned their way from being a dad shirt to an essential style piece. Here are three classic ways to help you pull off your denim shirt with ease and classic style.

Double Denim 

Double denim previously got a bad rap but, thanks to hipsters and creatives, it’s become a symbol of effortless style. The possibilities are endless for this look; from the traditional blue and navy denim to blacks and grey, you will have a lot of fun playing around with these pairings. Try our Lightweight Overdyed Denim shirt and a pair of Indigo Selvedge denim to achieve this look. Leave it untucked and paired with white sneakers for a super casual look or tuck it in and pair it with brogues for a dressier night look.

Style Tip: Chambray is a great alternative to denim shirts. Switch out your denim for chambray for a major style upgrade.

Leave It Open

Denim shirts are a great substitute for flannels and can be worn all year round.They add a much-welcomed update to the jeans-and-t-shirt look. You can play it safe and choose an entire blue denim look or take it up a notch and pair different colored denim. Channel your inner style guru and layer our Lightweight Overdyed Sand Denim Shirt over a Vestige Graphic Tee paired with a pair of Black Naked and Famous Jeans. Again, sneakers are a great way to keep your look casual while brogues dress it up.

Style Tip: Remember, when wearing double denim (with or without a t-shirt) you want to achieve contrast. Wear lighter colors at the top and darker colors at the bottom. 

Dress It Up

The denim shirt is a great alternative to a dress shirt. However, there a few considerations to think about when pulling off this look. If your office culture is on the formal side the denim with a suit look is probably not for you, however, if your office culture allows you to inject a bit of personality to your work look then this is definitely a look you should put to the test. When considering which fabrics to wear it with, the answer is simple; “which tailoring would you wear a blue shirt with”. It is also important to stick to solid blue denim and avoid washes as much as possible as introducing too many elements will create a busy look.

Style Tip: When pairing denim shirts with tailoring choose a slim fit shirt for a clean look.

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